01. Air [pollution] is a serious problem in every city, due to smog created largely by private automobiles.
02. The government has to do more to find and charge companies that [pollute] our environment.
03. Some of the lakes around this area have become a little [polluted] from the geese that poop in them.
04. The soap you use to wash your dishes every night is responsible for a lot of the [pollution] in our water.
05. Noise [pollution] is a serious problem in many large cities.
06. Many of the cancers which are killing people these days are caused by all the [pollution] in our environment.
07. Lead is a dangerous [pollutant] which has been eliminated from the gas used in cars.
08. Vice-President Dan Quayle once said that it isn't [pollution] that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.
09. The air is reportedly so [polluted] in Cubato, Brazil that no birds or insects remain, most trees are dead, and its mayor refuses to live there.
10. There was an observatory in the Vatican City until 1936 when light [pollution] forced the Pope's astronomers out of the city.
11. Studies show that gas-powered lawn mowers contribute to 7 percent of the ozone [pollution] in the United States.
12. In terms of resources used, and [pollution] contributed in a lifetime, one citizen of the United States is the equivalent of about 80 citizens of India.
13. Air quality in Latvia is probably that country's worst [pollution] problem.
14. As a result of its rapid industrialization, Hong Kong suffers greatly from serious air, land, and water [pollution].
15. In 1972, the American Congress passed the Clean Water Act, forbidding discharges of [pollutants] into navigable waters.
16. Hot water created by factories is a very subtle type of liquid [pollutant].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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